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Shaoxing Ecom Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern technological innovation enterprise that produces and develops series of biological coupling reagents, biotin labeling reagents, pharmaceutical intermediates, fluorescent labeling reagents and other fine specialty chemicals and new materials....<more>

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Cholic acid and bile salt series

Bile acid is an important component of bile and plays an important role in fat metabolism. Bile acids mainly exist in the enterohepatic circulatory system and play a certain protective role through recirculation.

Biotin labeling reagent

The Elabscience Biotin Labeling Kit provides all the reagents needed for biotin labeling, and the labeling of antibodies containing amino (NH2-).

Fluorescent labeling reagent

PrefaceUsing the method of fluorescence analysis, it has the advantages of good selectivity and high sensitivity, and it is used in a wide range of fields.

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